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The U=U Message Combats Taboo in China

【U=U News】We are thrilled to announce that Love Without Borders Foundation in Bejing, China joined the U=U campaign to combat HIV stigma and discrimination.  "As a result of the taboo surrounding AIDS, people with HIV are likely to face discrimination in education, employment and when seeking healthcare, which deters them from taking tests and leads to an increased risk of the virus spreading and causing more deaths." ​ "Last month, the United States CDC said people with HIV whose viral load was undetectable and continued to receive antiretroviral therapy cannot transmit the illness. It was a landmark moment because it confirmed that once HIV levels become undetectable the disease becomes untransmittable. That means it is safe to have sex with or perform surgery on such patients. Physicians say that effective antiretroviral therapy means almost every person with HIV/AIDS can have their viral load reduced to an undetectable level within three to six months and be"born again."  Read more about HIV/AIDS and U=U in China at
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